Manual Physical Therapy

What is Manual Physical Therapy?

Manual physical therapy is the highly skilled scientific based art of hands on treatment involving soft tissue mobilization, neural mobilization and joint mobilization. These techniques require the therapist to have a fluent knowledge of anatomical structure and biomechanicscombined with highly skilled techniques applied through their hands to maneuver and mobilize soft tissue, joints and nerves. This approach entails a thorough specialized examination through a comprehensive hands on assessment process identifying involved tissue and body structures to determine the many factors that can causeinflammation, pain, limited mobility and decreased function. Your orthopedic manual physical therapist identifies these structures involved through special orthopedic and neurological tests, specific measurable mobility testing and skilled palpation. Based on the assessment, techniques are applied using hands on specialized soft tissue mobilization, specific neural glides, and joint mobilizations which may include; end range physiologic mobilizations, oscillatory techniques and sustained passive joint mobilizations in conjunction with active movements from the patient.

Why is Manual Physical Therapy the Choice

Many patients have done exercise either with a physical therapist or assistant, a trainer or on their own without improvement and frequently worsening of their condition. Logically to provide more exercise is not the solution without resolution of the underlying problems. Inflamed tissue "itis's", shortened tissue, adhered tissue, scar adhesion, nerve compression, joint stiffness or mal-positioned joints will not respond to exercise (alone) and often get worse becoming chronic which may lead to further degenerative process and potentially requiring avoidable pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. Skilled manual Physical Therapy provided by a trained orthopedic manual physical therapist can resolve these issues through highly skilled precise manipulative soft tissue, scar, joint and nerve mobilizations allowing the patient then to successfully progress with effective strengthening, stretching and mobilization exercise and return to pain free function.

How Does One Become a Manual Physical Therapist

The depth of manual physical therapy can not be fully learned upon graduation from physical therapy programs.These techniques must be sought out through advanced post-professional education, mentoring and practiced diligently to acquire effective skills. This approach is unfortunately not required or practiced universally throughout the physical therapy field. There are well knownprofessional manual therapy training programs that allow the clinician to gain the advanced training and ultimately certification in these techniques to bring to the patient the most satisfying and effective physical therapy care. These programs are rigorous and take several years of dedicated training and practice, culminating in comprehensive written, oral and practical examinations to attain certification level. Our practice has a board certified orthopedic specialist OCS and clinicians with certifications as MTC (Manual Therapy Certified) through the University of St Augustine (S. Paris approach), and COMT (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist) through Maitland Australian Assessment and Treatment Approach (G. Maitland). There are only approximately 800 COMT's throughout the country and NNPT has the only one in SW Florida. These credentials require years of training and are of the highest caliber, most prestigious and hardest to attain in the field of orthopedic manual physical therapy. At NNPT we are able to offer the most diverse, advanced, multi technique based state of the art orthopedic manual physical therapy, providing you with the care you deserve.Expect the best, exceed your expectations through manual physical therapy from our advanced skilled orthopedic manual physical therapists at NNPT.

NNPT Manual Physical Therapy

An eclectic approach of orthopedic manual physical therapy offering assessment and treatment utilizing and combining the most relevant advanced techniques available. We have a board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and are the only facility in the Southwest Florida area with a COMT and offering multi credentialed clinicians in all the major manual therapy techniques. We are the leaders in orthopedic manual physical therapy revolutionizing the the delivery of physical therapy care.

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