We are the leaders in orthopedic manual physical therapy. We are the official exclusive physical therapy providers for the Florida Everblades Professional Ice Hockey Team with the most comprehensive experience working with athletes and sports injuries of any clinicians in the area. Our clinicians have advanced training in manual physical therapy and orthopedics through on site training, mentoring, pursuing certification tracts, holding board certifications or certification in three of the most renowned advanced manual therapy approaches. We are unique in our approach and provide a highly skilled hands on experience offering advanced specialized techniques of orthopedic manual physical therapy in conjunction with prescribed therapeutic exercise that you will not find in exercise based physical therapy clinics. This approach is evidence based and has proven efficacy but does require advanced training through mentoring, post professional education and ultimately certification. These techniques require continuous re-assessment and refinement throughout the course of care. Having knowledge and skills in multiple advanced orthopedic and manual therapy disciplines, allows our clinicians to offer an eclectic integrative manual physical therapy approach with the most diverse assessment and treatment options, while having the ability to combine techniques for an unparalleled and unique physical therapy experience maximizing outcome potentials to get you back in action.

NNPT Manual Physical Therapy, Feel the Difference

Put your painful muscles and joints in our hands so we can put your active life style back in your hands. North Naples Physical Therapy, advanced care in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy and Sports rehabilitation. A new paradigm of Integrative orthopedic manual physical therapy. Hands down, hands on orthopedic manual physical therapy at its best.

Know that you Always have the legal right to choose your physical therapy provider with any MD referral. By choosing NNPT you have chosen advanced specialization in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation. You don’t have to be pro to be treated like one, Go Where The Pros Go, NNPT an advanced Integrative Approach in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Specialty Credentials/Certifications

OCS - Orthopedic Certified Specialists must successfully complete a rigorous certification process, including an examination through the National Board of Medical Examiners. Building on a broad base of professional education and experience, certified specialists have developed advanced knowledge and skills in orthopedic care including surgical, non surgical and sports injury. This certification is to promote the highest level of enhanced diagnostic skills and specialty care for individuals seeking physical therapy care. This further assists consumers and the health care community in identifying practitioners with advanced knowledge and skills in orthopedics. Only those who have passed this extensive exam process can designate themselves orthopedic clinical specialists and display the specialty emblem.

MTC - Manual Therapy Certified. The MTC certification is offered through the University of St. Augustine post professional advanced education program. This is a bio-mechanically based approach to assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions through advanced techniques in soft tissue and joint mobilizations. This process was developed by Stanley V. Paris one of the founders and greatest influences of orthopedic manual physical therapy. Certification requires seven courses in advanced techniques and several years of training and practice culminating in passing a 3 day examination process entailing 20 examinations including; oral written and practical modules.

COMT - Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist. The Maitland approach is considered the cornerstone of modern day Orthopedic Manual Therapy treatment of both spinal and peripheral conditions and uses primarily the assessment and treatment of the patients signs and symptoms to develop an effective treatment plan. This approach is patient-centric, and respects the diagnosis with an understanding of the pathology. This process was developed by Geoff Maitland a renowned physiotherapist and founding influence on advanced orthopedic manual physical therapy. Certification requires six courses in advanced techniques and several years of training and practice culminating in the passing of a two day examination process entailing a 3 part 8 hour written examination and 1 hour practical and oral examination scrutinized by two expert reviewers.

CMP - Certified Mulligan Practitioner. The Mulligan Concept developed by Brian Mulligan is a unique manual therapy treatment approach. This technique entails application of skilled sustained accessory joint glides of spinal and extremity joints provide by a trained therapist while having the patient perform concurrent active pain free physiologic movements. This technique coined the unique acronym of MWM's manipulation with movement. Many of these techniques have variations and adaptations that eventually can be taught to patients with unique self MWM's and taping for adjunctive home participation. Certification requires 3 individual unique treatment based courses followed by a comprehensive written, practical and oral examination.

At NNPT we have advanced trained and credentialed skilled clinicians offering the highest level of advanced orthopedic manual physical therapy assessment and treatment. We are proud to offer this unique depth of comprehensive care to our patients through these advanced proven techniques.

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